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When most investors hear the words “mobile home park,” they turn and run the other way. But not today’s guest, who’s found incredible success buying (and repositioning) mobile home parks. You’ll learn how Kevin Bupp got his real estate started with single family homes (eventually owning hundreds) and how that led to major problems in the last real estate crash. You’ll also find out how he’s making sure the next crash is different. Discover the incredible power of mobile home parks in generating huge returns in this less-popular real estate niche by learning Kevin’s story. If you are looking to generate huge amounts of cash flow, this is an episode you can’t afford to miss!

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Are you in this business to make a quick buck- or are you looking to build generational wealth for you and your family? If the latter - don’t miss a moment of this powerful show with bestselling author Ryan Holiday. Ryan, best known for his books such as The Obstacle is the Way, Trust Me I’m Lying, Ego is the Enemy, and Perennial Seller, is also a part-time real estate investor and lender. In this show, we cover a large variety of topics including hard money lending, vacation rentals, writing books, how the awareness of death can make life better, stoicism, and much, much more.

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There are a lot of reasons to love being a real estate investor. One of the most impressive is the “unfair” tax treatment investors get by the US Government - and we mean that in a good way! On today’s episode of The BiggerPockets Podcast, we sit down with CPA Linda Weygant to learn more about those incredible tax benefits. You’ll also hear how she discovered the power of real estate through her clients, and how that led her to begin her own investing journey. Linda shares how she navigates the messy world of investing in properties that have HOAs, as well as how she uses her “unfair advantages” to succeed where others fail. Finally, as a CPA, we have a special “tax-focused-Fire-Round” where we talk about LLCs, deductions, and much more!

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Let’s be honest: not everyone is trying to buy hundreds or thousands of properties. In fact - just a small handful of incredible deals can help build impressive wealth AND great income. That’s the story you’ll hear today as we speak with Joe “JD” Martin, a real estate investor who’s building wealth while working his full-time job. As you’ll hear, JD had a rough start to his investing, losing over $100,000 on his first “deal,” but came back to create a stable, cash-flowing portfolio of single family houses that has given him financial freedom and over a million dollars in wealth. If that sounds like a plan you can get behind - don’t miss a moment of this powerful episode!

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