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Money doesn’t buy happiness - but it can give you the freedom to live a truly extraordinary life , something our guest today can really speak to! Today we sit down with Josh Randall, an investor from Kentucky with nearly 100 units that also works as a full-time business owner. You’ll love Josh’s mindset when it comes to buying cars, travel, and more through real estate, as well as his “goal-focused” investing that will get him fully retired by the age of 48 (with $50k a month in cash flow!) Josh is incredibly fun and also highly informative, so don’t miss a second of this show which Brandon calls “one of his top-episodes ever!”

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Is it possible to go from firefighter to real estate mogul? Just ask Jeff Wallenius, who started with a single flip, financed entirely with hard money. He was able to parlay that early success into a profitable flipping business, and has been flipping 10-12 houses a year in the Portland market for the last five years. Now, he's set his sights even higher, has created a couple of funds, and is buying cash flowing turnkey real estate around the country.

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Financial debt (like student loans or credit cards) is irritating, expensive, and flat-out dangerous. But you don’t have to be stuck paying the minimum payments for decades like most Americans. Today we’re excited to introduce you to Brentin Hess, a young investor who “flipped his way out of student loan debt” and has already been able to quit his job thanks to his real estate investments. You’ll learn how Brentin used a partnership to begin his house flipping journey, as well as the mistakes that cost him time and money in the beginning. Brentin is incredibly inspiring so take time to listen to this entire episode - and prepare to have a fire lit beneath you!

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Many people dream of achieving financial freedom, but how many actually get there? Today on The BiggerPockets Podcast you’ll meet one man who did just that. Austin Fruechting began buying rental properties less than ten years ago, but by the age of 32 was able to retire on the cash flow coming in. You’ll learn just how he was able to do this by reverse engineering success, buying rental properties in bulk, and using the BRRRR strategy to minimize the cash he needed to buy his properties. Whether you are looking to achieve financial freedom at 32, 52, or 72… this podcast is one  you don’t wanna miss!

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Is it possible to invest in real estate if you live in an expensive market … and earn just a teacher’s salary? According to today’s guest, it’s not just possible: but it can be incredibly profitable! Today’s guest, Michael Swan, is a P.E. teacher who lives in San Diego but has used the valuable real estate concept known as “trading up” to acquire millions of dollars in real estate. You’ll learn why Michael liquidated his entire retirement plan to buy his first few deals, the truth about “luck” and real estate, as well as some fantastic tips for buying and managing properties - even from a distance. (And if you work a full-time job or make less than $100,000 per year-  this show might just change your life!)

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