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Many people buy real estate hoping to make great cash flow. But all too often that cash flow is quickly eaten away by a silent but deadly thief. In this episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, Josh and Brandon sit down with real estate investor Jesse Fragale to hear his story and learn more about how this silent killer can eat away your profits if you don’t analyze a deal right. You’ll also learn how Jesse found a way to invest in a crazy expensive market, as well as tips on using partners, scaling to larger properties, and the worst pickup line Jesse has ever used!

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Many people invest in real estate hoping to make “passive income” but instead find they work more than they would at a day job! But not all real estate niches require a lot of time - and today’s show proves that! Today on the BiggerPockets Podcast we sit down with Dr Kenyon Meadows, a real estate investor who chooses to invest his money using a variety of passive real estate vehicles including funding other real estate investors, investing out of state through several turnkey companies, and investing in over thirty crowdfunding deals! If you are looking to make your real estate more passive- this is one show you can’t afford to miss!

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Why is it some investors buy deals every single month - when others look for years without landing a single great real estate deal? Two words: deal flow. On today’s episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast we sit down with Erik Stark to talk about how he consistently drives leads to his real estate business using “driving for dollars,” direct mail marketing, and a fascinating “education marketing” strategy that you’ll be excited to try for yourself!

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Every day, our lives are consumed by things that simply don’t amount to much. In fact- most of your successes will come from a very small percentage of your activities. That’s the basic concept of the 80/20 Rule and today’s guest is one of the world’s foremost experts on using the 80/20 rule in business! Today’s guest is Perry Marshall, author of 80/20 Sales and Marketing and on today’s fascinating show, Perry dives into how to use this principle to work less and achieve more. And don’t miss the fascinating discussion on how to make $10,000 an hour; if you’ve never heard this concept before, it’s about to blow your mind (and business) into the stratosphere!

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On today’s episode of The BiggerPockets Podcast, we’re pumped to introduce you to Damion Lupo, an experienced real estate investor and hard money lender who has seen it all in real estate—both the good and bad! You’ll learn how it was Damion’s naiveté that led to his early success (and why naiveté matters), as well as the traits that helped Damion build up an incredibly successful cash-flowing business. And don’t miss Damion’s story of the murdered security guard or his golden answers to the question, “How do you get a lender to say yes?” 

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