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Have you ever dreamed of owning large apartment complexes? If so, don’t miss this powerful interview with Jonathan Twombly, a real estate investor whose very first deal had over 100 units! You’ll learn why Jonathan skipped the “small deal phase” and jumped right into big deals — and how he’s gone from nothing to over 400 units in the past several years. This show offers an incredibly realistic view of what it actually takes to break into the apartment complex market!

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How would you feel after losing $150,000 on one of your first deals? That’s the story we’re excited to bring you today with guest Ryland Taniguchi. Ryland shares his incredible comeback story of losing a huge sum of money on a flip-gone-bad and fighting through the difficulty to do over 300 deals. You’ll be both amazed and emboldened to blaze through your own difficulties, and you might just pick up a few new tricks while you’re at it. This show is packed full of high-level, actionable tips that will help any investor grow to new heights.

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On this inspiring episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, we sit down with real estate entrepreneur Andrew Cushman to learn how he went from a full-time job as a chemical engineer to a house flipper and finally a real estate syndicator, buying over 1400 units in less than a decade. You’ll learn how Andrew finds deals, manages the rehabs on a large scale, raises money for large apartment purchases, and more. Don’t miss a moment of this powerful show!

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What does it take to truly find success in real estate — especially when you make an average salary and live in an expensive city? That’s the topic of today’s show, where we sit down with David Greene, a full-time police officer in the San Francisco market who’s managed to buy multiple deals in the past several years through mass hustle and persistent deal-finding. You’ll learn how David finds deals, invests both in-and-out-of-state, and finances those deals on a cop’s salary! This show is sure to motivate and educate you to do more deals this year!

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